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The Company

  • A successful Company established in 1996
  • SQLphone IVR telephone answering software is in daily use around the World in a diverse range of Industries and applications
  • Customer base from medium size to Blue Chip Companies (Shell, BP Amoco, Siemens, Sainsburys, Lowe's...)
  • Large and growing list of enthusiastic testimonials

The Performance

  • Cost effective IVR telephone answering software
  • Unlimited IVR expansion capability
  • No "per phone line" license costs
  • SQLphone uses industry-standard Intel-Dialogic PC voice cards

The Software

  • Simple and intuitive phone answering software
  • Intuitive graphical flowchart editor
  • Test using PC sound card — you don’t need a phone or a phone line
  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

The Support

  • Free IVR evaluation
  • Free 12 months technical support

SQLphone - an affordable IVR telephone answering software solution