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Voice Mail Examples

Download an example, and begin using SQLphone today.


Product Description
Voice Mail
A fully featured voice mailbox system with unlimited mailboxes, simple mailbox message recording and retrieval, plus administrator functions to create, delete and manage mailboxes.
Answer Phone
A simple personal voice box system. Callers can record and leave voice messages that the telephone answering software stores for later retrieval. The owner can enter a security PIN to retrieve and delete stored messages.
Phone Mail
An IVR telephone answering software message/voice mail system. The phone answering software asks callers to specify to whom they wish to send a message. The caller can then record a voice message, or choose a pre-set text message. The software automatically delivers messages by email. Recipients can collect their messages using their regular email client.

Download Instructions

To download a sample, click its underlined link. Samples are supplied as zip files.

After the download has finished, unzip the file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file.

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