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This is the key information you need to know about the SQLphone Designer program, before you design your telephone answering system. More detailed information is available in the Designer program's help file.

1.1 The basic concepts
1.2 The screen layout
1.3 How a flowchart works
1.4 How to draw a flowchart
1.5 How to run a flowchart
1.6 How SQLphone speaks data
1.7 New flowchart checklist

Common flowchart tasks

These topics describe how to achieve tasks, which are common to telephone answering systems. You can also examine our free samples, to see how various tasks are performed.

2.1 How to ask for and verify a caller's identity
2.2 How to use Caller ID
2.3 How to call a DLL (and verify a credit card)
2.4 How to handle dates & times
2.5 How to iterate multiple database records
2.6 How to call an external application (exe)


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