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Phone answering software

Our IVR phone answering software allows you to give your users information by offering them prompts and using their responses to guide the phone answering system through a preset sequence.

Our IVR telephone answering software integrates with just about any database.

The SQLphone answering product

SQLphone is a single product that comprises 2 application programs:

  • SQLphone Designer
  • SQLphone Runtime

The following sections describe these programs.

SQLphone Designer

SQLphone Designer is an application generator - a flowchart editor for designing IVR telephone answering systems. You can build a phone answering system that allows voice callers to interact with your SQL database.

Use the flowchart editor to draw and join-up boxes to:

  • Play voice prompts to a caller using either pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech synthesis
  • Collect digits entered by a caller
  • Execute SQL statements to interact with a database
  • Record voice messages from a caller
  • Send email

With SQLphone Designer, you can develop and test your IVR phone answering system without using phone lines - SQLphone Designer uses your PC keyboard and sound card to simulate a telephone.

SQLphone Designer is free: you can develop a fully working phone answering system with no obligation to buy. If you like the result, you can purchase a license to deploy your phone answering system using the Runtime program.

Click here for screen shot.

SQLphone Runtime

SQLphone Runtime deploys your phone answering system. It can process multiple simultaneous calls, and is limited only by the number of phone lines you have.

SQLphone Runtime connects to your telephone lines using Intel-Dialogic voice cards. You can purchase Dialogic cards from your local Dialogic supplier or directly from us in Europe..

Click here for screen shot.