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Information Service Examples

Product Description
Weather Data
An IVR telephone answering software system to work with private weather-monitoring equipment, as used by many Fire Departments. Allows Fire Personnel to call-in 24/7 and hear live weather data from the telephone answering software, obtained by their station's weather monitoring equipment.
Books In Stock
An IVR telephone answering software book stock-checking hotline for account customers. The phone answering software asks the callers to key-in their account number and security PIN. After successfully validating the account, the telephone answering software asks callers to key-in ISBN numbers. The IVR system then gives latest stock levels from the company database.
Balance Enquiry
An IVR telephone answering software account-balance enquiry system. The phone answering software asks the caller to key-in an account number and pin, and then speaks the current balance. The phone answering software also logs the date, time, and duration of each call.
Help Line
A flexible IVR telephone answering software help line, providing a database-configurable and unlimited question/response menu tree. You can adapt the phone answering software to any kind of service help-line that requires callers to navigate a series of questions, either to arrive at a final answer, or to transfer them to a telephone operator in an appropriate department.
Front Desk
An IVR reception front-desk telephone answering system. The phone answering software is database-driven and offers a menu of frequently asked questions and answers. With the press of a single key, the caller will get a pre-recorded message, be asked to leave a voice-mail, or be transferred to a human operator.
Public Information
Contact Us
A general purpose IVR telephone answering software public information system. The phone answering software navigates callers through various menus to retrieve information.

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