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FAQ - General Questions

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What databases can SQLphone connect to? I want to evaluate the Runtime program. Is functionality restricted?
What are the PC system requirements? Can I get a corporate discount?
What kind of phone lines can SQLphone connect to? Can SQLphone perform text-to-speech synthesis?
   See text to speech
I am evaluating SQLphone, can I get support? Can SQLphone detect caller ID?
   See tutorial topics
Can SQLphone make outbound calls or transfer calls? Can SQLphone control my PABX, or use my Centrex features?
Can I plug-in my own code to add features? Can SQLphone send faxes?
How reliable is it? Can SQLphone deliver 24/7 availability? Can SQLphone perform voice recognition?
Can I run a telephone answering system on my desktop PC? Who makes SQLphone?
   See about us
What kind of expertise do I need to develop my own answering system?