SQLphone - Dialogic Setup Guide


This is a quick guide to installing a Dialogic Voice card on these Windows versions.
Windows VersionSupported
2003 ServerYes
2008 ServerYes
Windows 7Yes

Equipment Needed

SQLphone Runtime uses Dialogic Voice cards to connect your PC to analogue telephone lines.
You need to purchase the following equipment from your local Dialogic supplier:

The full range of Dialogic voice cards is listed here:
Voice Cards

We can supply Dialogic cards to European customers, please contact us for a quote.
Non-European customers can locate a Dialogic distributor here:
Suppliers & Distributors

Dialogic Cards

SQLphone supports the following Dialogic analogue voice cards.

Card Lines Notes
D/4PCI-UFW 4 Our current top recommendation
D/4PCI-UF 4  
D/4PCIU 4 Card is discontinued but new cards still widely available
D/4PCI 4 Card is discontinued but new cards still widely available
D/120JCT-LSU 12  
D/120JCT-LS 12 Card is discontinued but new cards still widely available
D/41EPCI 4 Card is discontinued but new cards still widely available
D/4JCT-LS 4  
All ISA cards 2/4/16 Discontinued but pre-used cards sometimes available on ebay

Dialogic Drivers

Install Dialogic System Software Release 6.0 (SR6).

There are two versions of SR6, make sure you install the correct version:

The older Dialogic System Release 5.1.1 (SR511 + FP1) is not supported.

Before You Start

Do not fit the Dialogic card into your PC yet. Install the Dialogic System Software CD before fitting the card.

Install Dialogic Drivers

Step 1
Insert the Dialogic CD and run setup.exe

Setup may warn that CPU Physical
Address Extension (PAE) is enabled.
Click here for more details
Step 2
Enter your company details.
Step 3
Select destination folder.
The default is usually OK.
Step 4
Select "Core Runtime Package".
Other options are not required.
Step 5
Accept 3rd party software.
Step 6
Accept the default program folder.
Step 7
Click Next to continue.
Step 8
Allow installation to complete.
Step 9
Reboot the PC now.

Install PCI Voice Card

Dialogic PCI voice cards have a small rotary switch (on the circuit card), which sets the board number. If this is the first Dialogic voice card in the PC, set the board number to 1. Plug the Dialogic voice card into any available PCI slot on the PC mother board.

PCI Driver Configuration

Step 1
After fitting the Dialogic PCI voice card, re-start the PC.
The "Found New Hardware Wizard" will be displayed.
Choose not connect to Windows Update.
Press Next.
Step 2
Select the "Install from specific location" option.
Step 3
Select the "Include this location" option.
Browse to the Dialogic install folder shown here.
Press Next.
Step 4
The correct Dialogic card should be displayed.
Press Finish.

Step 5
Start the Dialogic Configuration Manager:
From the Start menu, select Programs, then Intel Dialogic System Software, then Dialogic Configuration Manager.

Step 6
Connect to the local computer.
Step 7
Auto card detection will begin.
Step 8
Check if the voice card has been auto-detected.
The model and card number should be clearly displayed,
as show here. (model = D/4PCI-U)

Fail to detect
If the card is not detected, or the model is displayed
as ????, do the following:

  • Reboot the PC
  • Enter the system BIOS
  • Disable "Plug & Play" in the BIOS
  • Repeat steps 5 to 8 above
Step 9
Double click on the voice card icon.
Set the country parameter to the correct value.
Step 10
Select Start-System from the System menu
(or press the green Start System button).

The service can take up to 60 seconds to start.

Step 11
From the Settings menu:
Select System/Device-autostart, then Start-System.

This ensures the Dialogic service
auto-starts whenever the PC is rebooted.


Fail to start service
If the service fails to start on Windows 2003 Server, download this file winstrm.dll and copy to your C:\Windows\System32 directory. Then re-attempt to start the Dialogic service.

Step 12
Install SQLphone Runtime.

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