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About Dialogic Card

The SQLphone Runtime program uses Dialogic voice cards (PCI cards that plug into your PC) to connect the IVR system to your phone lines. Dialogic are the world leaders in IVR hardware and are supported by all IVR telephone software vendors.

The actual number of phone lines your IVR telephone answering system can support (the maximum number of simultaneous calls it can handle) is restricted by the number of Dialogic cards you have installed. Note that SQLphone supports only Dialogic analogue voice cards, so will work only with analogue voice lines. We recommend the 4 line D/4PCI-UFW card. To increase capacity, you can install multiple cards in a single PC, subject to number of available PCI slots.

If you need more lines into your IVR system, just add more PCs and cards, and network them to a common database.

The Dialogic website contains more information, see: Dialogic Voice Cards

Dialogic Installation

Installing Dialogic cards is easy. Just follow our instructions:
SQLphone Dialogic Installation Guide

Dialogic Drivers

Dialogic drivers are not freely available for download. However, must suppliers (including us) will bundle driver CDs with a voice card purchase.

Dialogic Suppliers - North America

We recommend the Dialogic D/4PCI-UFW card. These cost US$500 approx. We can supply these in only Europe, so if you’re in North America, you will have to find another supplier. These links should help you find a local dealer:

Find a Dialogic supplier
Recommended by US SQLphone customers

Dialogic Suppliers - Europe

We supply D/4PCI-UFW cards to European customers, priced at UK£600 plus shipping. Includes cables and driver CD. Contact us now for details.